Guna's work in the photo studio first began during her college years in a kitchen retouching product photos for underwear catalogs. After some hours in an introduction to PhotoShop, she sat down at a computer to amaze with care, skill, and untiring effort.

In the next photo session for the catalog, Guna stood next to the photographer, bringing her perspective as a retoucher. It was decided to give her the camera. The result turned out to be saving countless hours of re-touching work - these were Guna's first steps as a photographer. After just a year she began organizing photo sessions, taking into account every participant, truly creating celebrations with every photo.

With Guna it’s easy. She’s easy to be around and travel with, making for smooth photo shoots. Her ability to empathize is a huge advantage when working with different clients - little kids, famous, and camera shy people. Having grown up in the countryside, Guna has both feet firmly on the ground and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She loves to eat street food from local taquerias on the way to photo shoots at million dollar villas. She has intuition and insight into what a client is looking for, even if they themselves can’t formulate their wants.

Fluidity, warmth, and authenticity can be found in each of Guna’s photographs.

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